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We offer a number of classes of membership as detailed below :
There is NO JOINING FEE. A monthly payment scheme for the Full and Weekday categories is now available; ask in the Pro Shop.
*Off peak: Summer after 2pm; Winter after midday.
** Country: Must live outside a 40 mile radius and subjuct to T & C's. Limited to 20 members.
*** Corporate: Contact Anthony in the Pro Shop for more details on 01332 863081.


Terms and conditions:

  1. The above prices include VAT which the Company has to pay back to HM Customs & Excise.
  2. Juniors must be 6 - 15 years old on date of application. Colts must be 16 - 18 on date of application. Students must be 19 - 23 on date of application. Proof of Junior / Colt / Student age qualification (eg passport) may be required.
  3. Junior membership is only available to children deemed to be of an appropriate level of ability by the Golf Professional. It is also subject to an adult relation having full membership and being on the premises at all times when the junior plays, except with prior written permission.
  4. Family discount: applies to partners and children (except Juniors). Deduct 10% from total and return all forms plus the payment in one envelope.
  5. You may upgrade (but not downgrade) your membership category at any time by paying the difference in price.
  6. All members should arrange suitable insurance to cover themselves and others against claims for negligence etc.
  7. You should receive a receipt and membership card within 21 days. Members should carry their membership cards at all times. Checks will be made at random by the course warden.
  8. Golf subscriptions may be increased at any time but increases will not apply to current members until they renew their twelve-month memberships. Green fees will be reviewed on October 31steach year. Any increases will apply to all members but will be limited to no more than 10%.
  9. Refunds of subscriptions will be made at the sole discretion of the company.
  10. The Company reserves the right to issue memberships as it sees fit.
  11. Members shall have their details kept on a membership database for the duration of the membership but will not be shared unnecessarily with third parties.
  12. The Company reserves the right to disallow the use of buggies, trollies etc., when the course is unsuitable, also there will be no suspension of Memberships because of this.
  13. Any Member wishing to suspend membership because of illness of injury must produce a doctor's letter.
  14. Golf memberships run for a period of one year from date of joining.
  15.  Payment gives you 12 months recreational golf at Breedon Priory. 
  16.  To play in competitions and maintain a handicap, a separate payment of £20 (to cover the Golf Union affiliation charges) is payable to the Members' Club.

Each member is entitled to a Members Club card giving 10% discount on food and drink from the Clubhouse.


To apply for membership, please visit the Clubhouse. We accept payment by Switch, most credit cards, cash, or cheque. If you have any further queries in the meantime, please call Anthony Haste Head Golf Professional in the Pro Shop on: - 01332 863081


To apply for membership, please visit the Clubhouse. We accept payment by Switch, most credit cards, cash, or cheque. If you have any further queries in the meantime, please call Anthony in the Pro Shop on: - 01332 863081